Liquidation du Magasin, G. Votano - Day 1

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Address: Grand-Rue 155, 2720 Tramelan, Switzerland

May 2, 2017, 9:00 am CET /

Oil on canvas Jungfrau. 26 x 35cm.

Lot No. 626

Oil on canvas Jungfr...
Sold for CHF 80

Oil on canvas Lake Sils, signed E. Frei. 48 x 66cm.

Lot No. 627

Oil on canvas Lake S...
Sold for CHF 10

Watercolor Chasseral, signed M. Gerber, 1947. 38 x 46cm.

Lot No. 628

Watercolor Chasseral...

Oil on canvas Forest landscape, signed E. Boillat. 57 x 55cm.

Lot No. 629

Oil on canvas Forest...
Sold for CHF 10

Oil on canvas Fir trees, signed Henri Chàtillon. 32 x 39cm.

Lot No. 630

Oil on canvas Fir tr...
Sold for CHF 10

 Mixing technique on cardboard Winterly ice skating in the style of the old Dutch, signed Ch....

Lot No. 631

Mixing technique on...
Sold for CHF 10

Oil on cardboard Shepherd in Mountain landscape, signed Gottfried Lüscher 1881 - 1976. 48 x 39cm.

Lot No. 632

Oil on cardboard She...
Sold for CHF 10

Oil on canvas Chalet bei Wengen, signed A. Gerig. 39 x 48cm.

Lot No. 633

Oil on canvas Chalet...
Sold for CHF 10

Watercolor Winter Landscape, signed William Vuille, 1986. 35 x 51cm.

Lot No. 634

Watercolor Winter La...
Sold for CHF 10

Oil on canvas Roses in vase, signed Guido Lucca, 1936. 42 x 37cm.

Lot No. 635

Oil on canvas Roses...
Sold for CHF 70

Oil on canvas River landscape, signed E. Senn, 1947. 45 x 59cm.

Lot No. 636

Oil on canvas River...
Sold for CHF 10

Oil on cardboard View of the lake and the mountains, signed J. Grétaux, 1934. 53 x 38cm.

Lot No. 637

Oil on cardboard Vie...
Sold for CHF 50

Oil on cardboard Horses head, signed. Carved, gilded frame. 36 x 29cm.

Lot No. 638

Oil on cardboard Hor...
Sold for CHF 70

Painting on Pavatex Matterhorn, signed Henri Chàtillon. 49 x 58cm.

Lot No. 639

Painting on Pavatex...
Sold for CHF 10

Oil on canvas Landscape of a lake, signed A. Boss. 39 x 49cm.

Lot No. 640

Oil on canvas Landsc...

Oil on canvas Mountain landscape, signed. 45 x 58cm.

Lot No. 641

Oil on canvas Mounta...

Oil on canvas Calm Sea, signed Laure Bruni, 1951. 55 x 78cm.

Lot No. 642

Oil on canvas Calm S...
Sold for CHF 10

Lithography Wilhelm Tell. 34 x 42cm.

Lot No. 643

Lithography Wilhelm...

Oil on canvas Mountain village, signed Kerster. 43 x 77cm.

Lot No. 644

Oil on canvas Mounta...
Sold for CHF 10

Oil on canvas Under the trees, signed E. Rossel. 60 x 78cm.

Lot No. 645

Oil on canvas Under...

Oil on cardboard Forest, signed Hornung. 21 x 26cm.

Lot No. 646

Oil on cardboard For...

Oil on Pavatex Feldblumen, signed Glauser. 39 x 48cm.

Lot No. 647

Oil on Pavatex Feldb...
Sold for CHF 10

Painting oil on canvas, signed J-J. Gut. 50 x 37cm.

Lot No. 648

Painting oil on canv...

Reliefbild mit Keramik Frau am Brunnen. 30 x 17cm.

Lot No. 649

Reliefbild mit Keram...
Sold for CHF 40

Oil on cardboard Auf der Haltenegg, signed Elisabeth Zipf. 62 x 37cm.

Lot No. 650

Oil on cardboard Auf...
Sold for CHF 10

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